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Church Hall Terms and Conditions


Notes for all Hall users

(Revised October 2015)

  1. Vehicular access to the hall is limited. Special permission is given for unloading food, etc., before moving your car to the public highway. There are 2 parking spaces adjacent to the hall for the sole use of disabled drivers (as designated by Wealden District Council) - it is essential that official disability badges are prominently displayed. The adjacent areas and driveway behind the hall and at the rear of the church/vicarage are the private property of the Vicar and his family: they are not public parking areas - please ensure your guests/ members are aware of this.

  2. Before leaving, please stack the chairs at the sides of the Hall (not more than 6 in each stack), AND not in front of the heaters or Emergency exits please.

  3. Please put the folding tables back in the cupboard.

  4. Please sweep the floor and leave the Hall clean and tidy for the next user.

  5. Wall Heaters. Each wall heater has an individual illuminated control switch.
    To activate the heater press the switch 1 to 4 times. This gives 1 to 4 hours of heat. If you are vacating the hall before the set time has elapsed, continue to press the illuminated switch until all the other lights have gone out. The heater then has been turned off.

  6. Please remember to turn off all kitchen appliances. Unplug kettles from the wall sockets. Please ensure the kettles are emptied before leaving. If you are using the fridge - remember to remove all items before leaving, turn off the fridge (the socket is located under the counter behind the waste bin) and leave the door open.

  7. On leaving, please ensure that all lights are switched off, including those in the two toilets. Close the windows and fire doors if you have opened those and lock the main door.

  8. If you wish to serve alcohol on any occasion, due to the constitution of the Hall permission must be obtained from the Rev. C. Lawrence on 01825-891090 Alcohol cannot be sold, as the Hall is unlicensed.

  9. Music must stop by 10.30pm, as a courtesy to our neighbours.


  11. Children's parties/activities. If possible would parents ensure that footwear/trainers have non-marking soles. Please do not use Blu-Tac or self adhesive tape to secure decorations to the painted walls (it takes the paint off).

  12. Rollerblades, roller skates, scooters, footballs and other outdoor toys etc, are not permitted in the hall. It is the responsibility of parents/carers to ensure that the hall's fixtures, fittings and flooring is not abused or damaged through inappropriate play/behaviour. Any damage will need to be paid for.

  13. The Hall is given a thorough clean once a week, but we rely on our Hall users to keep the Hall clean and tidy between times. If you find it dirty or untidy when you arrive, please tell us so we can speak to whoever used the Hall before you.

  14. Please report any breakages or damage, or other matters concerning the Hall, to the Rev. C. Lawrence on 01825-891090.

              (Office hours: Monday - Friday 10.30am - 5.00pm (Closed Wednesday).

Thank you for your co-operation in these matters.

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