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Current Prayer Diary now has it's own page here


News from Martyn & Vivien - Walking the Camino Way Hello everyone, Today is Sunday 2nd June, the weather is bright this morning and it has been very hot walking for the last few days, reaching around 32°C by 3pm. We have had 2 wonderful stays, one staying with 5 young nuns and the other with brothers in monastery. The nuns had beautiful voices, a real sense of humour, as well as kindness and words of wisdom. The brothers were very down to earth and welcomed all of us with chocolates, shared meals and again blessed us all with their knowledge of English. I have come away from those 2 places with increased happiness, and 2 little meaningful gifts of words and symbols. The Camino is a place for sharing problems and overcoming obstacles in a unique environment in a capsule of time. Here we feel safety. So now I must get going for the walk again lots of love Vivien and Martyn xx

Posted: 11.06.2019

Milk Bottle Tops!The collection is doing very well but we can only recycle the milk tops with a small triangle with a 2 or 4 inside. No squash, or cleaning tops please. Many thanks, Anne.

Posted: 11.06.2019

Church Rota - Vacancies

Two persons to join the Welcome Team (once a month)

One person to help Margaret Smith with post service refreshments in the church hall (once a month).

If anyone feels the urge, please speak to Jerry Pryke or email Thank you.

Posted: 11.06.2019

News from Martyn & Vivien - Walking the Camino Way. Hello everyone, We have now walked over 500 kilometres and have another 500 to go. So we are at the half way stage and are in Burgos. There is a Camino routine which we have been getting into:- Getting up at 6am, getting breakfast along the way, finding accommodation by 2:30pm, washing clothes and showering in the afternoon, resting the feet until supper. Eating together with other pilgrims and bed around 8:30!! Lights out at 9pm!!! Sleeping with ear plugs in. So that's a little taster of our life on the Camino.

With love to all Vivien and Martyn xx

Posted: 26.05.2019

Next Prayer Meeting - The next meeting will be on 29th June. We meet every fortnight starting promptly at 10am (finish by 11am) in the Gage Chapel - followed by coffee and biscuits /cakes. Please think about attending and giving it a go! All welcome.

Posted: 18.06.2019

Have you been baptised?- Baptism Classes & Service - July 2019. Due to a significant number of requests for baptism I'm proposing to run three Baptism Preparation Classes - Thursday evenings at 7pm on the 4th, 11th & 18th July and the Baptism's conducted the following Sunday (21st July at the 10am Service). If there is a large response we will hold a special service at 6.30pm instead. If anyone would like to join the classes please speak to Rev Chris - Thank you.

Posted: 12.05.2019

Parking at the Hare & Hounds pub - Reminder: Parking at the Hare & Hounds pub (10.00 am Sunday Service). The landlord is happy for members of the church family to use the pub car park provided cars are parked at the far end of the car park and removed by 11.30 am sharp.

Posted: 12.05.2019

Bottle Tops Update: We are doing really well, the total in April being 21,540 and YTD 68,736. Please note that we can ONLY use the tops with a 2 or 4 inside a triangle, shown on the inside; we are getting quite a few of the wrong type. Please keep saving! Many thanks - Anne

Posted: 12.05.2019

Annual Parochial Church Meeting - Update

Many thanks to everyone who attended the APCM on 23rd April.

There were no nominations received regarding the appointment of two Churchwardens so the current situation is unfortunately ongoing. However, there is a welcome return to the PCC for Freddy Pratt who was nominated on the evening - thank you, Freddy.

We hope to shortly make a new appointment for the position of Treasurer. Unfortunately, Pat Marchant has had to resign with immediate effect due to ill health.

The following positions are still open should anyone feel a Godly nudge!

  1. Prayers for the intercessions (Sunday services)
  2. Advertising Officer - Notice boards, social media etc
  3. Church cleaning/brass - several places
  4. Flower Rota - several places
  5. Vocational - could you lead an evening service?
  6. Could you lead a small group?

Posted: 28.04.2019

Jesus heals the broken hearted - You just have to give Him the pieces. Life is usually a mixture of highs and lows, enjoyments and disappointments. It's not a bad thing to reflect on the past provided our reflections are life enhancing. However, dwelling on negative events can draw us into a place of unhappiness or remorse that is sometimes very difficult to extract ourselves from. Wherever there is unhappiness there is also a root cause and unless we can deal with the root an optimistic outlook on life will always be blighted. God extends a promise to everyone that He can make 'all things new'; a fresh start and a bright new future. If you would like a confidential listening ear and the opportunity to be prayed for so that God can bless you and fulfil His promise then please get in touch.

Posted: 21.04.2019

Diocesan Healing Day - 'IN HIS NAME' - Go into all the World. Saturday 2nd March 2019 - Handouts and talks will be available soon on this website

Posted: 03.03.2019

Readers please! In our parish schools, we are striving to ensure that all our pupils are truly engaged in reading and are given the opportunity to read widely and broadly. With this in mind, Blackboys School would really like some help with some volunteer readers who could hear children read in their Infant Classes. Naturally, this would be subject to Safeguarding Checks and volunteers would receive a short training session before hearing readers. Volunteers truly make a big difference to individual children's engagement with reading and general self-esteem. If you feel you are able to help, please contact Blackboys School Office: 890423 and leave a message for Headteacher Mr Graham Sullivan who will be delighted to discuss further. Thank you.

Posted: 22.02.2019

Children's Church for Nursery and Primary school aged children It is with regret that we will not be continuing with Children's Church for the foreseeable future. If anyone feels they would like to get involved and take over running a Child focused Sunday school, please advise Chris. Thank you, Michelle and Gavin.


Church Membership - If you have been coming to Framfield Church for a while do please consider becoming a member of the church. We value new members joining and sharing their gifts and talents but also having an influence on how the church is shaped for the future. Application forms are at the back of church; please return to Barbara Trickey our Electoral Roll Officer.

Posted: 11.09.2018

Legalisation of Same-Sex Marriage

Just in case you were wondering? I have been asked by several church members whether or not I approved of same sex marriage or whether same - sex ceremonies would be held at Framfield Church in the future. The short answer is an emphatic 'No'. Personally, I get quite cross that the word 'Marriage' is being used for a same-sex partnership; Marriage is the exclusive relationship between a man and a woman and is and will remain foundational to the building of sound families and the children that are born into them. Despite what Parliament thinks and what pressure groups would have us believe this is the natural order of the world we live in. If you wish to follow the political debate have a look at the Coalition for Marriage website (

Revd Chris Lawrence.

Posted: 30.03.2014

Sunday BCP Communion Service

Please note the service time change from 8.30 back to 8.00 am on Sundays, this will be effective until October 2019:

The next service will therefore be at 8.00 am on 2nd June

Posted: 28.05.2019

Notices for inclusion in the fortnightly notice sheet.

If you have a relevant notice that you would like to be considered for inclusion in the Church Notice Sheet would you please e.mail to the editor - Antonia Wright. Thank you.

Posted: 04.02.2014

Churchyard Management Plan:

bd06412_            The Draft Plan may be read in full here                          

bd06412_            For more information contact Sally Clifton

Posted: 26.03.2012

Couldn't get to church last Sunday?

Sunday 10am sermons and talks are now being recorded and uploaded to the church website. If you miss the Sunday morning service in future you can now go to:

to listen to the talk given by Chris or whoever else is giving the talk on that Sunday - or just click the link on the home page.

Posted: 29.08.2010

Web site for St Thomas a Becket- Our church website has now been running for over fifteen years. The site aims to be a useful resource to church members, and also to reach out to potential new members. We hope you will take a look and find it useful. We try very hard to keep it up to date and relevant. Any questions, comments or suggestions, e.mail us here

Posted: 12.05.2019

Regular at St Thomas a Becket? Then why not become a voting member - Electoral Roll forms are at the back of the church.

Posted: 28.03.2010